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Health Promotion Assignment on Exercise for Older Adults

Jayo Jayo (New) New

Hi Peeps

This semester is all assignments, I am starting an assignment on the benefits of exercise for older persons. I would appreciate some assistance on what to focus on. I was thinking perhaps to link it with excercise releaving constipation in the older person.

Any help from you guys will be awesome. I am not asking for anyone to do the assignment just need some directions, and pointers.


Jayo :nurse:


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Why don't you post what you have so far, your ideas, what direction you are headed and we'll help you from there.

iluvivt, BSN, RN

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You need to do more than just one benefit.....you should include more such as..increased bone density..weight managament...CV benefits...physcological benefits......decrease in use of medications for HTN and perhaps insulin and hypoglycemics...this is what I can think of on the spot.