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I have no experience at all as RN. I graduated in 2011 and after failing NCLEX a few times, I completely lost motivation. I've been doing other things not related to healthcare.

My psychiatrist told me if I've considered in going back to school and do a Masters. Now, of course she doesn't know what being qualified/overqualified is when applying for jobs. Anyway, the question isn't about what she is saying. I'd like to know what do you think about it? Should I do a master's in Health Informatics or Administration since it doesn't require a license or am I at risk of never getting a job? Should I make another BA :/ ? I know this is something I have to evaluate, but if I'm posting this here is because I need opinions by experienced ones.

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I believe that Nurse Informatics still requires an RN license hence the word Nurse Informatics.

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MSNs in informatics, administration, the world of health care, all of these require 2-5 years of acute care experience along with the advanced degree. I definitely do not recommend you invest any money in those programs if you don't have a nursing license and have never worked as one.

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