Health Insurance suggestions?


Does any1 have recommendations/suggestions for health insurance?My school requires it for clinicals and I'll be starting in the fall.Im really not trying to pay $120+ just for me each month.I would really appreciate any names.My school does not offer health insurance.

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$120/mo is cheap. Try the health insurance market place or call a local insurance agency.

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Some states do short term insurance still its only good for 6 months at a time and it was about 50 a month for me.


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What was the name of it???


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That's school health insurance is over $200/month, just for me :cry:


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I guess the expense of cost really differs by state.I found an insurance for $60 .I don't have health issues so I don't need nothing crazy.Doing it just to fulfill the requirement.

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$120/month is REALLY cheap. When I was in private market I paid $330/month just for myself as a healthy young adult. With employer sponsored health care it was still a $200/month deduction from my paycheck. My student health plan is paid quarterly but works out to about $250/month. I doubt there are many plans out there that are cheaper than what is currently being offered to you.