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Navarro College nursing program (LVN) requires you to have health insurance throughout the program. I have insurance through my job, but once I'm not a full time employee, I'm no longer qualified (7/15). I'm 27 and a single mom.

I'm not going to be working while going to school, anybody have any advice on types of insurance out there?? I've Googled but it's all pretty expensive.

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See if you can get minimum essential coverage from the government exchange. Call an insurance agent to see if they can broker you a student minimum coverage option


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I'm not sure where you are but im in Oregon and my whole family qualified for the Oregon Health Plan. Maybe you have something similar where you are? It's income based and my husband is only working part time right now and I'm currently not working (starting school in the fall) and it's free healthcare coverage for our family. I know every state is different but might be something worth looking into in your state.

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Have you checked with the school to see if they offer anything? I attended a tradition 4-year college and they offered health insurance to students at a decent cost.

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Check with the school to see if they offer anything. I am currently getting my health insurance through my school and it is MUCH cheaper than individual market insurance. It is also very, very good coverage at the health clinic and hospital affiliated with my school and decent coverage elsewhere.

Also check your state insurance exchange, several of my classmate qualified for state-subsidized insurance plans that are very affordable.

Also call and talk to insurance agents - many times there are plans they can put you on that don't appear in their main search engines, that are specifically for special circumstances like being a full-time student.

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Since you're a single mom and will be making minimal income, you should be able to qualify for Medicaid and additional assistance while in school. Good luck and congratulations!