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I am scheduled to take the health differences across the lifespan 3 test in 2 weeks. Does any one have any last minute pointers on this test? I have studied mostly the study group 101 notes and the TCN module. Has anyone else used these notes for this test and were they right on with the test? This is alot of info and I have a fear of failing it.:bow::bowingpur

Thanks, Tonya

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I believe this is the one that is equivalent to NC6. I used Study Group 101, TCN guide and EC practice exams. I passed this one with a B. Good Luck to ya. Sounds like you are prepared. All of the exams to me seemed to be loaded with info.,but hey that is why our brains are getting so mushy. Traci


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How did it go!? I am scheduled for this test on July 30th!?!?! Any pointers?

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