Health Differences Across the Life Span 3 Exam


I just took and failed the exam for Health Differences Across the Life Span 3. There's a tendency for me to get very anxious during exams and forget info I studied many times. I have some doubt and feel discouraged though I believe I do understand the material very well.

I am looking for help and any advice or recommendations so that I can retake and pass the exam within as short a time frame as possible. Thank you

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If you look at the test breakdown, focus on the areas where your scores were weakest. Did you take the EC practice exams? You have obviously done well enough to pass exams in the past because you got to this point! Your other options are taking the 8-week course or the nursing conference with guided study, but it sounds like you don't want to wait that long. If you do want to retest soon, you will have to petition the school to waive the waiting time. You have to wait 60 days after the first failed attempt and 120 after a second failed attempt.

Recognizing that you have test anxiety goes further than this exam, though. You'll still have to pass the FCCAs and the CPNE, which typically is an all-time high for test anxiety. How have you dealt with this in the past?


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A huge mistake I made was leaving questions blank to go back to later on, and another was overthinking and doubting thus taking an excessive amount of time unnecessarily. There were quite a few questions I didn't have enough time later on to go back to and that I spent time on before deciding to leave them for later. This is the first time I did this with so many questions. In the previous exams, I would at least put the answer I felt was best and write the question number and a question mark next to it on a paper so that I know to recheck it later. I am currently learning and practicing different techniques to help with test anxiety for the upcoming exams and was advised to take Transional Role Nursing (Trends) while I wait to retake Health Differences 3. I don't see a lot of the material that was on the test in any of my textbooks as far as priority interventions, information that would help me to discern which would be the best option in given scenarios. I'm taking the course online but the school does have options and I will explore them. Any book recommendations or anything would be very greatly appreciated.


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Has 7 years experience. there's a little cut out card in the quizzes that i use and it helps you with priority questions.