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We are looking to improve the overall health and wellness education at our school next year (K-6) and finding ways to incorporate it into the classrooms. Wondering what other schools are doing?

Who is responsible for making sure students are educated on hand washing, safety, hygiene, nutrition, reading food labels, etc.? Who does the teaching? Do you follow a curriculum or is it something you created yourselves?

We have come to realize no one really knows what anyone else is doing and as we see staff change grades or are replaced we lose what we did have going. Would like to see something more concrete- KG covers x,y,z then in 1st it's a & b, etc. Any ideas would help!

I do all of that here in my school (K-2). I designed my own curriculum - Nutrition for K, Hygiene for 1 and 2 with a little "wellness" thrown in for good measure.

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I am also responsible for all of that education as well. Every year I handle hand washing, nutrition, hygiene, dental care, puberty, food safety, poison education, and, of course, lice! I make my own curriculum and try to make it fun for the kids. The challenge is usually making it age appropriate.

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I teach as well at my school, but I teach the older ones, so I defer to the Elementary nurses. We do have grades 5 and 6 in my school. We use a specific puberty curriculum for 6th and designed a curriculum for 5th with a hygiene focus prepping for puberty.

I teach Health 1x per week for 40 minutes to all of our students in grades K-6. I have created my own curriculum. I teach about nutrition, hand washing, germs, childhood illness, allergies, body systems, dental health, hygiene, health professionals, hearing/vision, social health (friendship, relationships, family dynamics, kindness, personal space), stress, emergencies, first aid, safety signs, otc medicine use, personal safety, home safety, self-esteem, peer pressure, refusal skills. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. There are a lot of good resources online. I started with and revised, tweaked and created new as I went. Heck I still change my stuff all the time. In the 5 years I have been doing this it has made a big difference in the student's level of understanding about health and wellness as they get into 5th and 6th grade.

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