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Health Center Manual


I am new to camp nursing. I did it for the first time this summer and absolutly loved it. There was just one problem, the lack of directions. They showed me the health center and left me to decide most things; I was the only nurse, with one doctor being available for special questions. This is a camp where most of the staff and campers are returning staff and campers and so they can be pretty attached to the ways that things have been done. So I was left to my own device but had to figure out how things had been done in the past. There were no guidelines for meds distribution, overnight stays, hours for consultations, etc. I want and have been encouraged to make up a manual with all the info future nurses could use (hours, meds, camp activities, isolation procedures, general intervention guidelines, etc.) but have a hard time figuring out where to start and was wondering if any of you had a sample manual like this that you wouldn't mind sharing. I am also looking for suggestions concerning:

- Pre-camp first aid training and info to counsellors and other staff

- Times of operation for health center

- Meds distribution

- Isolation procedures

- Standing orders

- Rules in the health lodge (do you require the kids be accompanied by staff? and any other rules)

- First and last day procedings (do you do head checks? how do you do them if you do?)

- What kind of documentation do you use for meds, simple injuries, larger injuries?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to get this all organised before the summer because even if I had tons of ideas during the summer, I simply had no time to do so.

Thanks a lot!

Neveranurseagain, RN

Has 26 years experience.

The first thing you need to do is become familiar with the state's regulations regarding camps of the state you will be working in. I know California has many new regulations regarding camps and health issues, and you want to be in compliance with state regulations. Many of the topics above are governed by state regs and you need to be aware of them.

Is your camp ACA accredited? http://www.acacamps.org/ They have policies you need to follow if your camp is accredited by them. Here is an organization for camp nurses: http://www.acn.org/

Here is book about camp nursing http://www.amazon.com/Basics-Nursing-Linda-Ebner-Erceg/dp/0876031734

Here is a manual from Canada, but has some good info http://www.nurses.ab.ca/Carna-Admin/Uploads/camp_nursing_guidelines_for_RNs.pdf Just be sure it meets your state guidelines for camps as well as the BON.

And be sure that you are getting paid to write the manual for the camp--don't do it for free!

Also try googling camp nurse and you will find more info, and possible manuals for camps.

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