HCA/ Research RN employment?


I am finishing up my ADN program and should (hopefully) graduate in May. I'm really interested in working for a HCA facility, specifically Research or Lee Summit Medical because I had a positive impression of them from my clinicals. I'm having a couple issues, though.

1. I have not seen anything positive on here about HCA in general or Research in particular. However, all the negative stuff about Research was from before the nurses union was voted in. Is it still bad? The people I've spoken with at the hospital seem to like their job, but who is going to tell a student that the hospital sucks?

2. I've been applying for PCT jobs with HCA, but usually most say "not under consideration." I just had 2 interviews (1 with the supervisor and 1 peer interview) for a PCT on the PCU unit and I'm really hoping I get the job because the people I met seemed really diverse and interesting and the unit itself seems like it would have a lot of opportunities for learning. However, my application just says "completed."

I'd really like to work at Research and would like to hear your stories and opinions of it.


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Hello, I've applied/interviewed & was wondering the same. The recruiter called & told me I had an offer that she would email me & she would cancel my upcoming interview for tomorrow at another facility. Getting worried since its been a few hours with no email or further contact. Guess it'll be OK until tomorrow, plus I don't grad until December anyway. Would like any insight on the ICU for CenterPoint or that facility in general.