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hay all nurses I need help with school please


hello how is every one i need help with trying to get to college

i been out of hi skool for 1 yr now my mom dosn't want to help me so ok i didnt do so well on my sat i applyed to cnr and suny orange cnr said no we dont want you lolz but suny orange failed the placement test you know i am so said being 19 i wanted to be in school not working a job makeing 7.50 hr you know so can some one suggest me some good Rn nursing school in ny expt cuny suny school please and one that dont require sat i fell so dumb and how do i get student aid thnks for who ever helps

heartflutter, ADN, BSN

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I suggest contacting a local community or technical college in your area and starting on some pre-requisites (anatomy and physiology, math, etc.) for a LPN or ADN (RN) program. You don't need to rely on your SAT for acceptance to either and you can get in an English class to help with your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Good written communication skills are vital in nursing.

Good luck.

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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I completely agree! If your post above is representative of your command of English, you're going to have a difficult time getting through college, period. That was one long run-on sentence that lacked in use of good grammar, spelling, punctuation... basic sentence structure. Learning to write well is essential in college. Almost every course you will take will require you to write. Your grade very well could depend upon that paper. When you are able to write well, your professors won't read your paper and wonder what you wrote, they'll think about what you wrote about.

You're right at the very beginning of this process. Take the time to learn how to do all the foundational stuff right. That will make the rest of your college journey far easier.

Feeling dumb is a sign that you're recognizing that you lack education, not that you are "dumb." You can fix that.

In my opinion, a truly dumb person refuses to get an education, believes that an education is good for nothing, and may even believe that a $7.50/hour job is all that they may get because someone else is to blame for their lot in life.

The fact that you got on here and are asking questions about getting started means you're not in that group of people. You're seeking knowledge, an education, to raise yourself up out of the entry-level job that pays peanuts for your work that you could do in your sleep.

I wish you good luck!

Its been many many many years since I went to a CUNY school, but don't they let you do remedial courses when you fail the placement test? That might be your best option. You need to have pre-reqs done before you can apply to nursing school. I would suggest that you do some remedial courses before even attempting your pre-reqs. I would go speak to an admission advisor at one of the CUNY Community colleges. Besides, they are the most affordable schools in New York.

Even with financial aid, you will be considered a dependent student so you will not be getting a whole lot of financial aid, in comparison to being an independent student. Therefore, going to a CUNY school will be your best bet. Unless your parents consider taking out parent plus loans.

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