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Hello Hawaii nurses!

I'm in need of some advice... I'm a Canadian and american registered nurse with 4 years med/surg experience in Canada and registration in the state of maine at the moment. I'm looking to get a Contract nursing position from the end of August until the end of December 2018 (or between those dates). I have applied with a few travel nursing companies but am looking to gain any advice or connections that anyone may have as I know it is going to be extremely competitive! Hawaii is my absolute dream nursing destination and I would be open to any island and types of nursing.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hi Nicole, you may look on facebook the group-Hawaii travel nurses-the gypsy nurse for more info.

Hope that helps.


I am a Canadian student nurse (Vancouver area), finishing up final year of BSN. I am super interested in doing travel nursing, especially Hawaii. How did you get started on making the move on travel nursing?

What was the process like registering in Maine? Did you find it was easy enough to find a job there?

Thanks! I would appreciate if you shared your experience!

Most employment companies in Hawaii including all the hospitals do not hire new nurses. The travel nursing companies will tell you its ok but its not and will end up placing you in home health jobs and long term care.

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