Wilcox strike is over!

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  3. by   Slobgob
    I was glad to hear about it last week before they ratified the contract... 4 months is an incredibly long time to be without work....
  4. by   NRSKarenRN

    the nurses said from the start that their number one goal was better patient care by working with the hospital to achieve a superior patient needs assessment and assignment process like the acuity systems employed at other hospitals around the state and nation. the hawai'i pacific health wilcox hospital management representatives' agreement to a joint committee that will truly seek to implement such a goal made the settlement of the strike possible...

    overall, this is not the contract we hoped for." shared negotiating team member chris broussard. "for us, personally, it is less than we could have had if we had just given up on our principle for better patient healthcare and signed the package that was on the table when we voted to strike. we gave up four months of our income to win the key benefit. many nurses decided to leave wilcox because of their stand against that principle. we will continue to pay a price for our principles all this year because of what we gave up monetarily in the contract."

    "but we do so willingly," corinne murata declared. "principles have a price. freedom isn't free, as they say. you have to get involved and stand up for what is right. that's what we did. we came together during this effort. there is no group as close as we are to one another now. we will treasure that closeness and we will maintain it as we go forward."...
    for sticking with principles for four months.
  5. by   okikuma
    I'd like to hear from any Wilcox Memorial Hospital nurses on how things are at your hospital 2 months after the end of the strike.

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