UH Manoa vs KCC: pros/cons?

  1. Hi everyone! I feel like I've just won the lottery, but have been accepted to both the BSN program at UH Manoa and the ADN program at KCC for Fall 2018. Does anyone have any advice on which route to choose?

    As I see it, the major advantage of going to KCC would be saving money, and the advantage of going directly to UHM would be getting my BSN a bit faster. If I go with KCC, I'll get my RN license after two years and then transfer to UHM for my third year to get my BSN (with a few months in between programs).

    Just wondering - am I missing anything else? Does one program have any other advantages over the other, such as better clinical experiences, instruction, networking for future job prospects, etc? If anyone has an experience with either program (good or bad) to share, or any other info, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
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  3. by   Rodo

    Is this the jules_mcd from summer 2017 ZOOL 141 with Patz? Congratulations on getting into both programs!

    I also got into both and have been leaning more towards choosing KCC because of the cost. I spoke with Crystalyn and there doesn't seem to be many differences for the first two years other than what you already mentioned. Timing wise they should be the same. We'd just have to take a bridge course during the summer of 2020 before starting at UHM for Fall 2020 for one more year.

    UHM does have a simulation center on campus, which simulates a hospital floor that you can use to practice your skills. It's neat and pretty sophisticated but I think KCC has something similar but to a lesser extent.

    I hear that KCC focuses a little more on skills and UHM more so on theory. To what extent I'm not really sure but I don't believe it to be too significant.

    Let me know what you choose! We might be classmates!
  4. by   mcubed45
    If you go the KCC route and plan to work while getting your BSN, you should realize that your job prospects are much more limited with only an ADN. Queens already does not hire ADN's and HPH is moving that way as well. If you're planning on working in a non-acute area, it won't matter though.