UH Manoa GEPN Cohort 2018

  1. I know it is still early on, but are any of you applying to University of Hawaii's Graduate Entry Program in Nursing (GEPN) for fall 2018?

    What educational background is everyone coming from? Any health related experience?

    For any previous students in this program, how is the first year of course work? Any advice for those planning on applying?

    I'm considering applying for the Master of Science track in Advanced Population Health Nursing.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   jamesharden
    I'm applying with a BA in Psychology this upcoming cycle. I heard competition is getting stronger w/ every cycle. How did you do on the pre-reqs and did you finish them all?
  4. by   aspiring808nurse
    I'm applying with a BS in Justice Studies and a MA in Applied Criminology.

    I am not done with all of the prerequisites yet. I completed both MICR 130 and FAMR 230 with A's. At the present time, I'm taking ZOOL141 and ZOOL 141L.

    I don't have a great deal of health related experience, so I'm a little worried about that.

    My undergraduate GPA is a 3.9.

    Are you done with all of your prerequisites?
  5. by   jamesharden
    I took all the prereqs excluding PHYL141L and FAMR230. I got all a's in all the courses, but i'm more worried about if the program puts people like us at a disadvantage for not completing the courses.. The program did say that it's fine as long as we finish them by the start of the program but for some reason it doesnt sit well with me.

    I also have some health care experience (not sure if its a lot) but im sure if you can somehow speak for the experiences you have youll be fine! + your undergrad gpa is very impressive!
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  6. by   Djsmeej
    Hi everyone. I've also applied for the 2018 cohort.

    As far as prereqs go, I've only completed a&p 1 with an A; I'm currently taking nutrition and growth/dev.

    My background is pretty eclectic. Former Air Force medic. Asian Studies major. Currently running a small consulting business in South Korea and teaching English part-time.

    Nice to meet you all and good luck.

    *edit: I'm applying for the FNP track.
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  7. by   aspiring808nurse

    I had the same concern since I don't have all of my prerequisites finished. I attended the GEPN information session recently and was told they're not looking at your prerequisites that much for the application. I was told it if it comes down to two people that are close in terms of everything else that they may look at your A&P classes. I was told they want you to work on your prerequisites and have them fresh in your mind for if/when you start the GEPN year.

    I'm a military spouse and just returned to the U.S. after living abroad for nearly 4 years. During that time, I worked as a preschool teacher. I tried to relate some of the things I did in that capacity to why I would be a good candidate for the program. I didn't have much to go on healthcare wise, but I'm hoping they'll look at everything collectively.

    I contacted them today and found out that they already have 125 applications submitted. The competition looks pretty fierce for this next cohort. Good luck everyone!
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  8. by   Djsmeej

    I heard the same during my informational session. If you have prerequisites that still need to be completed and are accepted, your status is conditional on the premise that you achieve at least a B in all prereq courses. This is important to note because for Nutrition, Human Growth/Dev., and Research Methods, if you've completed them before applying, then UHM will accept a C. However for conditional acceptances, you must get at least a B.

    Where were you and your spouse stationed? Teaching is a large part of what a NP does (precepting rather), so I'm sure they would look favorably on that. Most NP programs appear to be looking at the 'whole-person'.

    Wow, already 125 applicants?? if that continues, there could be over 1000 applicants by the end of October. Crazy.

    Which track are you all applying to? FNP, AGCNP, Public Health, etc.?
  9. by   jamesharden
    I see. I am applying for the AGCNP.
  10. by   aspiring808nurse

    That's what I understood from the information session as well.

    We were stationed in Germany. I applied to for the Advanced Population Health Nursing track since I'm hoping to complete my degree prior to us moving again. If I am accepted, it will allow me a little flexibility in completing it since the second year is distance based. I'm hoping to work that second year and get some experience.

    I was quite surprised by the numbers since they generally receive around 300ish applicants total. Maybe it will slow down in the next couple weeks.
  11. by   Alicia P
    I applied opening day for this next cycle (Sept). Just got an email today (oct 27) stating that they are processing my admission decision and should get a letter shortly.

    I have a BS in social psych: abnormal & clinical with a 3.8. Only 1-2 prerequisites completed. I have psych and hospital work experience (CNA). I applied for just for the Masters in Nursing.

    I was shocked how short our personal statements had to be. Anyone else heard anything?
  12. by   aspiring808nurse
    Hey Alicia,

    I received a similar e-mail today as well. Here's to hoping that it is positive news!
  13. by   Djsmeej
    I got the email today as well. Good luck guys!
  14. by   Djsmeej
    Any news? I'm kind of bummed it seems that I have to wait another weekend before announcements.