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Just took the Hawaii NCLEX-RN exam last Thursday and is officially a RN of Hawaii. :nurse: Is there a way for me to get a RN job in Honolulu even without any experience at all? If not, where can I... Read More

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    It's real hard finding a job as a new grad here in HI (I myself am a new grad looking for a job). You can try searching HI hospitals for their job listings, but most of them do require experience. I think it's best if you contact their HR departments directly (either call or e-mail) to ask if there are any job opportunities for new grads. Try searching for nursing homes too, some of them said they accept new grads and will train them. Hope that helps
    Hi there! Would you mind sharing that list of nursing homes that accept New Grads? I've looked for LTCs/SNFs online, but some don't even advertise or have any websites. Thank you!
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    Hi rizzacalinao

    I was in the Philippines with a 1yr experience of being a Physician Assistant while I was waiting for my credentials to be processed by the CGFNS. I thought that the 1yr experience I have would be enough for me to land a job here, sad to say most of the calls or emails I would get would be telling me that my year of experience in the Philippines would not count as I was not practicing in a US territory country. How frustrating was that?

    There's not much review centers here compared there where you have review centers to guide you for every board exam there is. But if your planning to take the exam once your here take Kaplan as it is most advertised center I know. or conisder studying for the exam by yourself would be fine as well.

    Anyways, good luck.
    I am a RN in Brazil. I intend partitiva in the skate of Hawaii, since my credentials was evaluated from CGFNS.
    I would like to apply at. Board of Nurse of HI, but CGFNS told me HI does not accept them credentials evaluation...I am lost.
    I am going to Oahu next March, on vacation, and I intend go to Board to solve my situation. Can I start classes of Kaplan? Even I do not have a SSN? What is the better way?