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  1. Does anybody know if the upcoming job fair for Queen's Medical Center will include any new grad programs? I checked online but didn't see any applications for new grads.
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  3. by   mcubed45
    The job fair isn't going to be offering jobs that aren't already posted online. New grad postings aren't visible online because they're only open to current employees. Get a tech/aide job first.
  4. by   bellatrixrn
    I already have a tech/aide position at another hospital, so I wanted to avoid working 2 jobs, although I probably will apply anyway. I thought maybe there would be more than what was online, since the newspaper article said the job fair was for "hundreds" of job openings. Doesn't seem like that much online. Thanks for your reply.
  5. by   Ecstatic2014
    I don't think the QMC job fair will include new grad program stuff. New RN grad programs, at least the ones here in Hawaii, are only available to current employees of the facility. The last time I went to the QMC job fair, which was held at Manoa Elementary Sch, there were just a large group of nursing managers and administrators interviewing applicants on the spot. Most of the applicants I have chatted with while I was waiting in line, have at least two years of RN experience at a hospital/facility on the mainland. So competition for nursing job is stiff! I will tell you, at that job fair, the line was LOOONNNGGG! Overall, the QMC job fair is mainly looking for "veteran" nurses (meaning those with lots of RN experience), nurse aids/technicians (probably need experience too), janitors, office clerical aids, security guards, and maintenance workers. So be prepared to stand/wait in line for 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours! Good luck.
  6. by   bellatrixrn
    I've been a nurse aide for one year and a critical care tech for one year as well. I'm still deciding if I even want to apply at Queen's (to double my chances at a new grad program). I probably will go anyway just to check it out. I was thinking maybe I would be better off picking up a side job working as an RN at a SNF or just working the flu shot season when it starts. I've been out of school for two years already and I'm seriously considering moving to find a job but I think it would be hard considering I'm an old "new grad" (not age-wise, just by the amount of time that has lapsed since graduation). But I love where I work now! Thanks for your reply.
  7. by   Ecstatic2014
    @ bellatrixrn.

    Wait, a sec. So you've graduated from nursing school with a BSN, and have been working as a hospital CNA for around two years! Wow! I give you credit for doing that kind of work for that duration - especially if you have your RN license and doing CNA or tech work for that long. Did you try to apply for new graduate programs here in Hawaii?

    I am set to take my NCLEX-RN soon next month. Oooh, I'm so nervous to be honest!

    Right now, I am studying, and working as a full-time CNA at a care home, as well as being an on-call CNA for a nursing agency. I want to hurry on and get my RN license, but the dreaded NCLEX is my obstacle for now.

    Then there will be the dread of applying for new RN graduate programs here in Hawaii. I would hate to leave the islands to find a job.

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