Queens Hiring Process-Credit Check

  1. Has anyone else been through the hiring process at Queens. Is it me or is the credit check, past employer check, salary check, incredibly intimidating and intrusive? My credit report isn't the greatest, how worried should I be? In all other areas things are great but my past credit hasn't always been that great. I really want this job and now I'm kinda worried...
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  3. by   Slobgob
    Credit check?


    What about a "background check"? =)
  4. by   mimilaroo
    They definately do a background check as well (and make you have a 3 hour physical, why?) but the background check is not what I am worried about, the credit check is. You have to list all of your addresses for the previous ten years, all of your places of employment. Then they call each and every place of your past employment, even if it was Starbucks like 8 years ago and they ask the employers how much you were paid, how intrusive and rude. I'm incredibly turned off by the whole process. It seems so incredibly intrusive and unnecessary. Background check, yes. Incredibly intrusive credit check, NO!
  5. by   elkpark
    I don't have any personal experience with this (yet! ), but there has been previous discussion on this site that more and more employers are starting to do credit checks along with the "traditional" criminal background checks on potential hires. Apparently the reasoning is that a history of financial issues/problems is an indication that you might not be a reliable, responsible employee (I'm not saying I agree with that, just that that seems to be the rationale).
  6. by   Slobgob
    I would think the ones in financial trouble would be the most reliable cause they really need the paycheck... =)

    Actually, someone at my work has credit problems... collectors call our floor quite a bit... but this person is actually quite reliable when it comes to work... just can't put down the credit card.

    Now... I do have my doubts about what they ASK for and what they actually DO. I've applied to plenty of places that make you explain your whereabouts for 5-10 years with every job and apartment you lived. 100% of the time, I can't remember the address, phone-number, boss name and anything but my most recent past-job/apartment.

    What do I do? Sometimes leave it blank, sometimes make it up. Random phone-numbers, random addresses, random names. I've done this for many hospitals in Hawaii... HMC, Queens, Tripler, Kuakini, Kahi Mohala, etc. I've gotten interviews with managers in all these locales... and it hasn't come-up once.

    I really can't say much for sure about the hiring process... but if you look the HR staff at Queens (understaffed it seems) and your typical floor manager (over-worked)... you really think they have time to call every single job/location/reference?

    Now... 3-hour physical? Does that involve 2 hours and 45 minutes waiting for the doctor to see you? =P~
  7. by   mimilaroo
    This must be a whole new HR department at Queens because my past bosses have called me and told me that Queens HR were asking all sorts of questions about my employment verification and past salary rates. Hearing this kinda scared me like my goodness they really are checking every single last place of employment for the past ten years, they really are taking this credit report seriously! It's kinda of embaressing and does not leave me with the best of feelings when I was really excited for this job...
  8. by   Slobgob
    Well... the market is quite a bit more selective... and far fewer openings... I guess they have more time to dig for dirt.

    I wouldn't change my mind about the job... HR departments can make people furious... and then you meet your boss and she/he might be great. That's how my work is.. I talk to HR once a year... usually frustrating... but my boss makes every day nice.
  9. by   BigIsleBound
    OMG... that is super intrusive and really not necessary at all... Who cares how much you made at some crappy job 10 years ago! That will have zero impact on the quality of your work TODAY!
  10. by   thekid
    wow. agency just wanted to make sure i had a pulse..
  11. by   Lisa From Maui
    Your credit score is used more often than you think!

    When you get auto insurance, what is the #1 thing that determines your rates? You think it's your driving record? Nope! It's your credit score. The better your credit score, the better your insurance rates.

    And yes, I knew a lady, years ago, who worked in retail, who was turned down for a manager's position based on her credit score. Do I agree with it? No. Do I accept it? Yes. It happens all the time.

    If you want to make your credit score better... amazon.com author Liz Pulliam Weston Buy her book. Hope that helps someone. Mahalo.
  12. by   llg
    Credit checks are used for:

    1. Verifying all your past employers. This is how people are often caught lying on their applications and resume. Past jobs will often show up in a credit check.

    2. To ascertain that the applicant is unlikely to have any garnishment of their wages by creditors that have taken them to court. It's a big hassle for employees to have to follow the court orders to deduct money from employees and pay their bills for them. Employers would rather avoid that if possible.

    3. Employers would rather hire people who have a track record of making good decisions and properly managing their finances ... than hire people who have a track record of making poor decisions in their business dealings.

    Few people like that fact that employers (landlords, insurance companies, etc.) can check on their credit history ... and people usually don't like it when their past mistakes come back to haunt them ... but employers are entitled to know that information before they entrust us with their job responsibilities and invest in our orientation. The best we can do is to keep our records respectable and to be prepared to explain anything that might be questionable.
  13. by   Lisa From Maui
    Dear IIG: I really liked how you helped me see it through the eyes of the employer. Helped me see why they do what they do. Mahalo for your thoughts! -- Lisa ;-)
  14. by   Slobgob
    I disagree.

    1) My credit check NEVER mentions ANY jobs I have. School loans, credit cards, car payments, mortgages... Yes. Jobs? No. That is what former employee references are for... give them a call.

    2) The percentage of employees with garnished wages is very small. A lot of the time its due to improper filing of taxes, sometimes personal commitments such as child support. Neither show-up on credit reports.

    3) What does my finances have to do with my nursing skills? If I spent too much on a TV... then I can't give good care to my patients? lol... seriously. That's just silly.

    "but employers are entitled to know that information before they entrust us with their job responsibilities and invest in our orientation"

    You're right. They have rights, and they do entrust us. But their rights are not UNLIMITED. What gives you a better idea of me as a person.... my current references, my professional contacts, or my college credit card bills?

    Why not ask how many kids I got? Was I married at the time that I had those kids? Maybe I had too many girlfriends? Maybe you should call them... ask why we broke-up. Call my neighbors. Call my parents.

    Those are the good questions if you really want to pry into my personal life. The mistakes I made in college; Let me think: Drank, smoked pot, lied to friends, cheated on one term paper, called in sick when I wasn't sick, made-out with roommates ex-girlfriend. A lot of mistakes.

    Lucky for me though... I didn't put it on my credit card. Why didn't my boss ask about that stuff?

    Oh wait.... i know why.. because ITS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS! =)