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  1. Good morning Hawaii. Can anyone please provide realistic pay ranges for a new grad RN with a BSN for Hawaii? Many of the job applications for critical/acute/staff RN positions require an entry for expected salary. I don't want to enter a number too low and be taken advantage of, nor do I want to enter a number too high and be ignored. Google searching New Grad RN pay for Hawaii returns answers ranging from $28 to $55 an hour. $55 seems way too high, but I have little to go on besides what people enter into these insight/glassdoor websites and a pay scale from 2008 for Queens that might support $50/hour since it is 8 years old. New grad RNs, while eager, are not generally as "useful" as an RN with a few years experience, so I would expect a lower avg. hourly pay, but I do not know how much lower. Mahalo.
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  4. by   kaiabella
    for new grad RN's it depends on the field, but most likely $33 per hour
  5. by   mcubed45
    Doesn't really matter. If you get accepted into a new grad program, you'll be paid exactly the same as every other new grad. Most of the hospitals in Hawaii are unionized and have very fixed payscales. Those "desired salary" fields are for other salaried positions where pay is negotiable.