1. Will anyone be going to Kcc for spring 2012?
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  3. by   supermunchkin
    Hi lovenaee,

    I am going to KCC 2012 spring. Are you, too?
    I am excited to attend the orientation on Friday.
  4. by   lovenaee
    Yes!!! Friday is soon! Im excited too. Did you turn in all your health requirements yet ?
  5. by   supermunchkin
    Yep. I mailed it in last week. I purchased $388 money order, and now thinking about what to wear for the orientation. They take a picture for ID card.
    I am so nervous about the coming semester. I hope this orientation will ease my anxiety a bit.
  6. by   lovenaee
    I'm so nervous too! Everyone is telling me to be ready cuz it isn't easy! Where did you purchase your money order? I was thinking of getting a cashiers check at the bank... Idk what to wear either. Just no white yeah? Excited to meet you! How old are you?
  7. by   supermunchkin
    You cracked me up by your last question, lovenaee. I'm very old! I have more than 10 years of work experience in a different field(non-medical).
    I've heard the same thing about the program. We are supposed to cry a lot, right? but let's try to enjoy this rough sailing together!

    I bought the money order at a post office. They charge $1.10 fee. Not too bad.

    By the way, are you planning to transfer to RN-BSN program after you get your RN license?
  8. by   lovenaee
    Haha sorry! That was a rude question!!
    I heard Walmart does money orders too? Have you ever gotten it from them?
    & yes I'm sure we'll be crying alot, or at least I will!
    I am planning to get my BSN yes, thank goodness the bridge program is back! Saves so much money!
  9. by   supermunchkin
    No, I have never gotten a money order at Walmart...
    Wherever convenient for you will work.

    See you tomorrow!
  10. by   lovenaee
    Okay! See you tomorrow.
  11. by   jujubees1
    I am just curious. What is the cost for the nursing program at KCC per semester or per year? Thank you!
  12. by   supermunchkin
    hi jujubees1,

    you can see the estimated cost on this list.
    [color=#63900e]associate degree in nursing admissions application / checklist (pdf form) in the "forms."
    and the last page shows the list.

    hope it helps.

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