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Hi, I am just trying to get some clarity on Kapiolani's RN program. I am a military spouse and am new to the island, so I called this college and was told that they do not take non-residents. ... Read More

  1. by   augiebear
    I also agree with an earlier post..get your ass back on the plane cuz Hawaii dont need people like you here..BTW, I'm not military but I would absolutely LOVE to go shopping at the exchange or commecery..will they let me shop there if I am not in the military or a dependant of someone in the military??
    F-NO they wont right? Does that mean they are discriminatory as well? Well, I pay my FEDERAL taxes...DO YOU GET HOW STUPID YOU ARE NOW?
  2. by   KL2010
    Augie Bear:

    Can I email you questions about the KCC program ?

    How has the program been ? Honest, level of homework and difficulty ? How is the first semester ?

  3. by   makoa
    Okay KL2010 & augiebear, cc me on that email, I need to know too!
  4. by   Lalalia

    I was wondering if anyone on here has first-hand knowledge on the stats (GPA, co-reqs, NLN score) of students recently accepted into KCC's ADN program. I have been hearing A LOT of rumors (such as no one with less than a 155 on the NLN and all co-reqs completed were accepted) and it would be nice to know the facts.

    Any credible info would be much appreciated!

  5. by   augiebear
    This is my first semester in the KCC nursing program. That 155 NLN score rumor is sooo not true. The highest NLN score that I know of in our class is 145. Many students had NLN scores between the mid 120's to the mid 130's. I do know of one classmate who had a NLN of 121. I think its safe to say that having all co-reqs completed is a good idea and more beneficial. Unless you have a really high NLN score and a high GPR, you will probably not get in without completing all coreqs and it would be insane to be taking co-req classes with the nursing classes. I am not sure about everyones GPR, but I am pretty sure mine was 3.7. Only 30 were accepted for my class but I hear next semester will be accepting 50 so even better. Even if you are an alternate you should pursue it because I know of atleast one alternate that is in our class.Hope this helps some, anymore questions just ask!
  6. by   Lalalia
    Thank you so much for clearing up the rumors and providing some great insight! I applied at KCC for Spring 2009, along with UHM, and am sort of waiting on pins and needles...after hearing some of the rumors going around I was feeling a bit discouraged b/c I definitely didn't score a 155 I feel better knowing that they may take more students; perhaps, I'll have a better chance of being accepted. All my classes are complete, I have a 3.97 GPA, scored 137 on the NLN, and am a CNA --crossing my fingers!

    Hope your first semester is going well!

    Thanks again,
  7. by   augiebear
    no problem..is your 3.97 GPA cummulative or just for the reqs?..they go by GPR..your GPA only for pre-reqs and give extra points for whatever co-reqs you have completed..did you complete all of your co-reqs? either way, your GPR must be pretty high too, looks like you will probably definitely get in!! congrats in advance
  8. by   augiebear
    looks like I should learn how to read better..lol..so you did complete all your co-reqs also!! yup, your in!
  9. by   makoa
    Please explain GPA vs. GPR to me? I have 4.0 in all the pre req's and co req's but I'm missing 2 classes still. I've taken other classes outside of what is required (my old degree) but did not do so well back then. Will this come back to haunt me? Or am I to be concerned only with the list for the nursing program? I have an NLN 141, 4.0 but missing 2 classes, anthro & Pharm. I applied to see if I could sneak in for this January 2010. What do you think??
  10. by   augiebear
    Good news, the old classes that you took that are not part of the pre or co reqs for the nursing program are not going to count, the GPR is your grade point average for the pre reqs only. It doesn't hurt to try even though your missing a couple of co-reqs, but there are a couple of people in my class that applied before this semester and did have all of the co-reqs and they did not get in. They completed the co-reqs and then they were accepted, but there I have heard of people getting in without all of the co-reqs, they had a high GPR and NLN.Yours is prety high so who knows..if not this semester than you will definitely get in when you complete the rest of the co-reqs.
  11. by   mcubed45
    I had a 4.0 pre-req gpa and a 150 ish NLN when I appled for fall 2008 and got wait listed. I had only 1 co-req or so completed. I was taking my A&PII, Microbio, etc when I applied so they didn't count. When I applied for Sping 2009 I got accepted. The only thing that changed on my app was the co-reqs. So yea, having those done counts for quite a bit. Worked out for the best though, b/c I was eligible to apply for UHM spring 2009 as well and got accepted. =)

    (i originally thought i didn't have a shot at UHM b/c of my terrible cumulative GPA)
  12. by   makoa
    Phew-I wouldn't want grades from before to creep up on me. It's nice that KL2010 found out there's going to be 20 more seats, hopefully this will open a crevice for me to slither in. Waiting until August 2010 is so far from now, but I guess it will eventually come. I just wish they would end the suspense and put out some preliminary stats so we could at least figure out on our own where we stand. I'm retaking the NLN in January if I don't get in. I ran out of time on the first test and left 20 questions unanswered in the vocabulary--that's not going to happen to me again!!! I have a friend who's in the program, it's her 3rd semester and she says its rigid!!
  13. by   P-LuDe
    Hi Augiebear,
    Do you know of anyone who got into the ADN program with a pre-req GPA below the 3.5 mark?


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