Kahu Malama Nurses - anyone ever work for this company?

  1. Hello everyone, I just arrived in Oahu this month and have been looking for a job. From what I know, Tripler is pretty strict, they want at least 1 year to 2 years experience in acute care (most current work experience), sadly, my last acute care experience was in 2009 and my last 2 years were with a medical / rehab facility. I found this site on the internet and contacted this facility and they supply the major hospitals as well as smaller care homes. I'm excited to be working for the major hospitals such as Castle, Kaiser, Queens. But I was just wondering if anyone has actually been with this staffing agency and what was it like? I know staffing agencies are quite different than working in a regular hospital because you can pretty much go anywhere / wherever they need you but you can pick your own schedule and work as much as you want. I'm just looking forward to the experience - mainly acute care experience. From what I asked, a med surge nurse makes $40 an hour with this company. Any info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   KimW808
    Hi ck637143 if you don't mind may I know the site of the facility you are talking about? I have been looking for any jobs in Oahu for the last 2months now and all I got was a "Thank you for applying for this job.... we would contact you soon...."

    I have seen most of the online job search offers a job position at the hospital you mentioned but no idea about the hospital, sorry bout that
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    Yes ive been working for Kahumalama Nurses for 7 years and its great company to work for I wouldn't replace Kahumalama Nurses for another agency the pay is good and the work is steady all the Flu clinics are fun to work at with great co worker's to work with Kahumalama has great staff I love my job that I do its fun... I work at state office doing DNA thanks Kahumalama for being ine best companies around the island..