Help!! looking into UH Manoa's Nursing Program.

  1. Hi All!

    My name is Princess, I am a freshmen from California and attending Cal State University East Bay. University of Hawaii has always been the school I dreamed of going to. I'm currently in the process of taking my pre-reqs for nursing, and i'm doing very well. I was wondering a couple of things about UH's Nursing program:

    1. How hard is it for an out of state student to get in?
    2. What's the average GPA for those who apply and get into the program?
    3. Lastly, how is the program?

    I really am looking forward to applying! If anyone could answer any one of my questions, I would be very grateful.

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  3. by   marzafar
    Here is a link to the UH Nursing website.
    Make sure that all of your credits transfer into UH as the prereqs by submitting your transcripts early so they can be evaluated and take the NLN. I don't know if being out-of-state makes a difference.
    I am applying at UHM pretty soon too.
  4. by   mcubed45
    HI residents get a couple extra pts on their app but it's by no means impossible for out-of-state students to get in. we've got quite a few in our class and many are pretty typical students. so it's not like you need the be a phenomenal applicant to make up for it.

    i like the program a lot. there's a nice balance btwn theory and clinical. however, hawaii is currently undergoing a statewide curriculum revamp starting this coming fall so i can't really say how it'll be if/when you get in. inevitably there will be a lot of growing pains and kinks to work out over the coming years.