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  1. has anyone graduated from or attended this school?have any info on the nursing program.it looks great to me.
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  3. by   Nai'aHI
    I work with several HPU new graduates (BSN) - and (in my opinion) all are very well educated.

    I understand that the school is excellent, but also that it is quite expensive (private) vs. publicly funded university - BUT - there is a waiting list for the latter, none for the former.

    Hope this helps -
  4. by   blee1
    How are their skills when they come out of school? From what I've heard (from many people, including nurses), they aren't really well prepared (not enough clinicals, I think). However, there is no waiting list and it is expensive. UH and KCC have no waiting lists. If you don't get in then you just have to reapply.
  5. by   Nai'aHI
    Thanks for the correction about the waiting lists, etc. I was not trained here, so can't offer much insight into the specifics that way.

    The new graduates that I work with who went to HPU are (so far) all good, safe new nurses. That being said, there are all kinds of students, just like there are all kinds of nurses. For my own schooling; some of the students were excellent, and some had a more difficult time with mastering nursing skills.

    My point being this, pretty much - most any school that is certified, licensed, qualified, etc. will make available a good education. It is up to the individual student to do the bulk of the work and determine how much they learn.

    I do understand that some schools have better reputations than others (can't really say that I know either way in this case) - but from my own experience, the student makes the educational process what it is - not the school. You can't force people to learn, much though we'd like to try!

    The biggest consideration at this point (again my opinion) would be the $$$ difference in tuition between private and public schools, which is considerable, to say the least.

    Just my 0.02
  6. by   futurenursingstudent
    anyone know aprox the tuition or do they give financial aid?
  7. by   blee1
    Did you check their website? There should be info on tuition. I know the BSN program is al little more than the other majors. I have the info at home (I'm at school), I'll post another reply later if you don't find out. I think the best scholarship is the Phi Theta Kappa partial tuition waiver. If you attend a junior college and have at least a 3.5, join Phi Theta Kappa (junior college honor society) and HPU will automatically waive 50% of the tuition. If you got anymore questions, let me know, and I'll find more about tuition and let you know later when I get home.
  8. by   blee1
    Nursing Program Tuition (Junior and Seniors Only)
    1 to 11 Credits $618/credit
    12-18 Credits $7420/semester (plus $40/semester technology fee)
  9. by   futurenursingstudent
    thanks,it looks like HPU is expensive,not just the nursing program.it also looks very expensive to live in Hawaii.Maybe i'll move to hawaii when i have lots of money

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