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I have a really complicated case here. I obtained a degree from a 4 year state college with a poor gpa of 2.3. Nevertheless, I got into a community college nursing program and just finished 15... Read More

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    Quote from Esme12
    Ethnicity really doesn't have a bearing on the competitiveness of getting in school. Nursing schools are very competitive right now with many applicants for few positions. A good GPA will have a lot of bearing if you are considering CRNA school, is extremely difficult with a rigorous curriculum........ only the best of the best are granted admission. Gitano is living on the islands right now and gave you great advice.

    GoodLuckon your journey
    Might be living here but the info was not accurate...doing her own search is the best advice that was given. Also to stay stateside on the mainland is another excellent suggestion she should consider. It's very crowded right now on all islands.
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    I'm sorry if I heated up the topic by bringing up affirmative action. I realized through your overview with Hawaii programs, I decided the transition would not be the best idea. However, my curiosities in the scopes of nursing programs led me to a sound discovery and I'd like to thank you all for your time again.
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    You are very right. Crna program is one of the most competitive programs in the states choosing about 20 students maximum per state. On the bright side the hardest college to get into in the states is cooperunion accepting only 37 students worldwide. Compared to cooperunion, the competition isn't so bad. The cutoffs for applicants probably start with a 4.0 and that's probably the most basic requirement with the requirement of 5 years experience at an appropriate ICU but the fact that one doesn't even gain entrance into an ICU without a minimum 2 year experience in a medical surgical field and the fact that in order to get into medical surgical one needs experience as well. Additionally, people have back ups to get into that program.