Hawaii/Florida NCLEX 3 chances

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Hi everyone! Is there anyone here from Hawaii who failed the NCLEX 3 times? Or do you know anyone in this situation? Is it true that if you fail 3 times, you can't register for a 4th try until you've taken the remedial course? As of 2018, governor Ige signed a new rule where if you fail the NCLEX 3 times, you must take a board approved remedial course. (I've attached the link below). When I contacted the Hawaii Board of Nursing to ask for a list of board approved remedial courses, they referred me to Florida's Board of Nursing website. Hawaii's BON said they approve the same courses as Florida.

*I'm not sure if it's the case where if you graduated before the new rule was implemented (before 2018), that you'd be exempted. Unfortunately, I graduated after - in 2019.

Is there anyone who's taking an online remedial course, if so, which course are you taking?




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Hi! Im from hawaii also! I failed 3x. How did you do the remedial course?

On 2/18/2021 at 6:28 PM, Nicanor said:

Hi! Im from hawaii also! I failed 3x. How did you do the remedial course?

Hi! I haven’t taken it yet. When did you graduate? I think some people are exempted from the remedial course if you graduated awhile ago.