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I was wondering if I could ask some advice. I have applied at HCA for their StaRN program. I moved and applied across the state but didn't get hired. I believe it was because I applied to too many hospitals and I didn't do my research or knew what I wanted to do. Which was my mistake.

I moved back and applied to some local hospitals. I had an interview with a local facility, and I thought things went well. I went to a meet and greet function that someone had referred me to and mingled with the people within the hospital. The recruiter told me that she would contact me and she did to say I was not hired. I am disheartened. I'm just trying to figure out where to go from here or what I could potentially be doing wrong. Any advice appreciated.

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Other than to say to keep on trying which I'm sure you will still be doing. Timing is everything and now is the time when so many other schools will be flooding the market with their graduates. And you never know what may have caused that recruiter to pass you over.

One thing to do though, I would contact the ONE recruiter who did contact you with the disappointing news. Specifically 'thank her' for getting back to you (I'm sure she understands the no response tactic of other recruiters). And while "you're disappointed perhaps your futures may cross again".

It never hurts to be a little bit positive above and beyond. It may be that little bit of positivity that causes that recruiter to put your resume aside to pull out in the future.

Best of wishes as you go on.

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You have my sympathy,but one never really knows why you click with a certain recruiter and not with another or during the interview with the manager, move on,forget ,keep trying,plenty of places to apply to.

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