Having an interview with St.David's South Austin, GN program for MegSurg/Tele. Help!



So I am having an interview with St.David's within 2 weeks. I am from CA and at first I thought they just randomly interview people. However, it turned out they will interview me to be a part of their GN Residency program at MegSurg-Tele floor at their South Austin Center, starting in June.

I am excited and nervous at the same time. I loved to be in a GN Residency, but now I know it will be a fiercer competition to get in. Although I heard St.David hires a lot of GNs for Tele, still with this economy nowadays you will never know.

If anyone had an interview for GN position with St.David before, could you please give me some tips about the interview or their program in general (compared to Seton maybe, because I hope I also get interview with Seton)? Like would they only ask solely behavioral questions? Or they might also throw in some knowledge-based and clinical stuff questions? Also it stated that I will be interviewed only by the Tele manager, which is kinda skeptical because I know residencies love to do panel interview....

Thank you!


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Hi there! I just got a call back from St. Davids for an interview for their New Grad Residency, and I wanted to ask you what your thoughts on St. David's were. What was your impression of the hospital and staff? What was the interview like (clinical questions vs. personal questions), and what was the result (did you get the job?). Also, if you are now living in Austin, how do you like it?