Haven't worked in 9 years.... advice?

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Haven't worked in 9 years.... advice?

Hello there! So, like the title says, I haven't worked as an RN-BSN for about 9 years. I had babies, started homeschooling, etc. But they are much older now and I feel I want to get back into the work force, at least part-time or PRN. My only experience has been med/surg/telemetry float pool. Not really sure if I want doctor's office or hospital. Anything remote would be preferable. Any advice? Thank you!

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Best advice is to take a refresher course to update skills and give you contacts in your area.

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Is your nursing license even valid? When renewing, most states require that you be employed as a nurse in order to maintain an active license?

Look at local community colleges, that's where I've seen refresher courses offered.

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Yes I just got it renewed, surprisingly...

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