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Have an interview tomorrow. Need a lil help. .


I realized there's another thread about interviews, but I just need help with specific questions (I pretty much go blank].

Tomorrow I have an interview, and the questions I always have a problem with are... Tell me about yourself.. idk why but I freeze. It should be the easiest question right? But nope not for me.

Can someome give an example on how they would answer it.

Another one is Why should we pick you?

Please any help will suffice. Im a new CNA, and just nervous.

I had an interview yesterday and I got the job yeah, but was also asked tell me about your self. It is very common.

the best way to answer this is to provide a background of yourself that speaks to who you are do you volunteer, is there a trend in previous jobs of dealing with people, and this may kinda play into why did you choose to go into being a CNA. so be prepared on how to answer that.

for example, I like serving people and I have held jobs like that in the past where I worked with customers during difficult moments.

With the above be prepared to provide an example of what type of difficult moments and how it resulted.

Why should we pick you is another way of highlighting your strengths. I am very proactive and value the work being done.

You will do great, what kind of facility is it?

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Thanks so much for the advice Abnormal. Its a LTC facility. I pretty much nail the questions that are harder, but the simple ones just get me flustered. And I hate saying uhmm during an interview trying to think of an answer, makes me look uneducated. .

Your advice actually helped so I appreciate it, plus my interview was postponed till.tomorrow.

It was much better than I thought! The DON was very friendly and that eased my anxiety a lot. Plus, I was offered the job on the spot. It's per diem for 3 months and pay is decent.

However debating whether I should go with this agency I applied to, its more money and full time hours.

Any suggestions?