Have you ever been accused of falsifying a timecard?


I filled out a timesheet in advance and by mistake my husband mailed it. Im now suspended and being turned into board of nursing. Noone was paid, the state wasnt asked for payment. I realize that it is wrong on my end that I filled out timesheet and then the clients mom called me off. Can I lose my license or ger charged?


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That sounds more like a termination issue rather than lose your license issue. If you did it by mistake I think that you should have some leniency on you, but I would check with the board of nursing for general information regarding that type of situation. In my opinion, the worst they can do to you is terminate you from your job. If you did nothing to the patient and it was an honest mistake I think you won't lose your license. I have known a few coworkers who have actually done timecard fraud by writing down that they have or have not taken a lunch when they actually did or didn't, or that they Clocked in and left at a certain time when they actually didn't leave at a certain time, then those did get fired but are still nurses...

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Just like MARs, never fill out timecards before the fact. You can do it after you worked, but never before.

My question is...how did he mail it by mistake? The answer to that question may have some influence on how your employer and the BON (if reportable) see things.

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I agree that you NEVER fill things out like this in advance. How/why was it mailed? I would call your insurance carrier ASAP.