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I have a BS in Community and Human Services and am a little undecided about pursuing a Nursing degree. My employer has an agreement with a local Community College so that I could attend the Nursing Program for almost free. My big dilemma is that I would have to take three introductory bio classes (about three semesters) before starting the Nursing Program which I really dont want to do. I would like to obtain a degree the fastest way possible. The other pressing issue is that my employer is constantly downsizing and that I may be let go within a year or two. I am currently enrolled in a Masters in Social Work program which I feel is not for me. Any suggestions?

I am in NY.

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Well you have two choices.Take the biology so you can take the nursing program or don't and stay where you are.Why do you not want to take the biology? There are no shortcuts.

my employeer also pays for my education minus books and we are going through a bit of a crisis here as well. we are in the middle of negotiating our cwa union contract and its been a year and still no resolution. one of the matters at hand is tuition reimbursement. the ceo wants to change how it is given. he only wants to pay for classes that pertain to my line of work which isn't healthcare. so i look at it this way. i'm going to get in as much as i can on behalf of my job until i can't no longer. i was just accepted to the nursing program which starts next month here in maryland. if you know that you are in a program that is not for you, why stay in it? follow your heart and if you can get someone else topay for it that's all the better!

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When it comes to nursing education, there really are no shortcuts. Patients deserve to have nurses who have the same level of knowledge & competency. If you do not master the required spectrum of pre-requisite basic sciences, you will not be successful in nursing classes. Everyone must meet the same requirements -there is no special dispensation to accommodate individual situations. Have you thought of doing some self study and CLEP-ing the first course & then just take the subsequent courses?

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