Haunted by my past...What are my options?

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The year is 1987. A young man, raised in a cloistered small town in rural Alaska is accepted to a mid-western university. At first, things go well. Then, trouble begins. Girls and other worthy diversions are discovered, and classes are nearly forgotten. Our protagonist spends over three years rudderless and adrift, amassing an absolutely dismal academic record.

By chance, he takes an EMT class, and discovers his calling in the medical field. He ends his prodigal ways, moves back in with relatives in a different mid-western state and enrolls in an ADN program, and does quite well.

After 20+ years of ER/Critical Care transport and Urgent Care experience, the now not-so-young man enrolls in a RN to BSN program, and does VERY well.

He thinks to himself, "I'd like to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, and move back to rural Alaska. I can help provide care to people who really need it."

As he looks through the institutions which offer FNP, he begins to panic...."3.0 Cumulative GPA required for application...." "Applicants must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA to apply." "Minimum cumulative GPA required: 3.0."

Our subject gets a sinking, hollow feeling in his gut: Even with the good grades achieved in the ADN program, and the excellent grades in the RN to BSN program, his cumulative GPA sits -like an elephant upon an MI victim's chest- at a disappointing 2.78.

"Well," he says to himself "Maybe they don't mean it. Maybe if I just explain that I was a different person 30 years ago, and I have since gotten my act together. The RN to BSN grades prove that, don't they?" He completes the application for Concordia University, and the admission essay, he points out that his life has become more focused, more intentional and more driven than it was those 30 years ago.

It is to no avail. The dreaded letter arrives from Concordia: "Dear applicant.....regret... inform...GPA...does not meet requirements..."

A labored calculation shows that our hero must take 40 credits worth of classes at a 4.0 to raise his cumulative GPA to 3.0.

Are there any other options? Are there any programs which do not require a 3.0? Are there programs that look not at your cumulative GPA but at your major-specific GPA? Are there programs that cater to now-experienced middle-aged folks who may have made some mistakes in their distant pasts?

Thanks again for all the wonderful advice, insight and encouragement. I am humbled and grateful!

An update for anyone who cares: I had an admission interview today at a local brick-and-mortar University with a DNP FNP program. At the end of the interview, they asked me to step out for a few moments. After about 5 minutes, they called me back in to tell me I had a slot in the program!

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Congratulations!!!! When do you start?

Thank you! I start in May. It's a 3 year, year 'round program. I am excited but nervous!

Congrats on your acceptance!!! I am late to this thread, but have a similar plight. (You can probably find a dozen of my posts begging people for their input....). I am also in WI so I am especially curious what worked best for you. I would be ever so grateful if you don't mind sharing? Best wishes on your next chapter!!

Honestly, I just kept applying. As I mentioned in the earlier posts, I was really looking for a Masters level program, so I had delayed applying for this DNP-FNP program. But as my options were whittled down, I elected to apply.

The good news is that it's only 3 years (year 'round), I'll have a terminal degree when I am done, the program arranges clinical sites, and it's only 25 minutes away.

Good luck, and if I can help further, please PM me.

Not sure anyone cares, but I was accepted to a brick-and-mortar nursing school with a DNP program.

I am graduating in a month with a 3.95 GPA.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Congratulations! I love success stories. You deserve all of your rewards and happiness. 

Are you going to stay there or go to Alaska? 

Thanks! I would love to go back to Alaska, but my wonderful wife has deep roots here in the midwest. I plan to look into Summer locum temens work once I get some experience under my belt.

A little thread necromancy here!

Just to round out this discussion, I graduated in May, with a 3.9 GPA. Passed the AANP boards on the first crack, and have had a few interviews so far. Looks as though I am well on my way.

Thanks to everybody who provided input and insight. It definitely was a factor in continuing to pursue my DNP-FNP.

Good luck to you all, in all your endeavors!

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