Hat's off to Londoners!

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Going by TV news film and reports from the scene, London's hospitals and health care workers have played a huge roll in mitigating the terror and death that the Islamist radicals tried to spread yesterday. We vastly admire your courage.

From the Wall Street Journal

It really is considered unseemly to complain, or to feel sorry for oneself, among Britons: This aversion to self-pity is bad for the terrorists, who thrive on attention and the sowing of chaos. They won't get much satisfaction in Britain. Londoners will not retreat into their shells, and they are unlikely to do as the Spaniards did and draw out the tragedy with a lot of public recrimination, or to capitulate in any way.

The secret of British composure is that Britons really do feel proud of their civilization. On the whole, they apologize for very little, which is as it should be. Their message to terrorists is always likely to be straight and robust: "How dare you! I'm British!"

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We are all thinking of you and wishing we could do more to lend a hand.

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I think the rescue workers and health care workers did an awesome job. From what I saw on TV, everything looked so well controlled in getting everyone help. I found it very admirable of the Britts, hats off to them, as well as prayers for the wounded and deceased.

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