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So upset... I recently graduated from NP school, landed a new job about 8 weeks ago in a long term care facility and I hate it.... I just don't think long term care is for me. I dread work everyday, at first I thought it was new grad fears/anxiety but every day I find I am miserable and am missing primary care. I've worked in primary care as a nurse and also my clinical Swede all in primary care... I feel bad about not liking it and wanting to quit already..... any advice??? Has anyone gone through a similar experience??


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just make sure you read the fine print in your contract....ie 30-60 day notice or non compete clauses. Also, you should give your time to adjust to a new job for at least 3-6 months after that if you really don't like it then give your notice. Or if you are truly miserable then just resign but be mindful that your new employer will probably ask why you left your first job so early so be prepared to give them an answer, most places want an employee that will stay unless you are doing locum tenens or traveling

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Agree with APRNKate - way too soon to leave a job.

What don't you like? LTC is similar to primary care - maybe change your mindset?

Leaving a job so quickly unless there are concrete reasons like they aren't paying you, might not be wise, especially since you are going to have to keep this job on your resume.