Has anyone taken microbiology and physiology in the same semester?

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I'm planning on taking microbiology and physiology in the same semester. Has anyone done this? Is the amount of studying required doable? What did your study schedule look like? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Yes I did. Got 2 B's

Yes it's a lot of studying, but you'll be okay! Just don't slack or procrastinate

Yes, got A's in both.

Micro is more facts, Physiology is more processes. Not a ton of studying for Micro, a TON of studying for A&P (a ton, particularly in the last 8 weeks when I would study about 6-10hrs per week depending on if there was a test or not).

Did you take any other classes that semester? Thanks for responding! My advisor told me that most students who take microbiology with physiology either end up failing one or dropping one, so it's nice to hear that you got A's in both. I plan on dedicating plenty of time to these two classes and only adding on an online writing class that semester!

Nope! Just those two

See if you can possibly find those online. I did mine in person, however many people said online was easier

See if you can possibly find those online. I did mine in person, however many people said online was easier

Many schools don't accept online version of these classes. I would strongly caution against this idea.

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I took Physiology, Microbiology, Statistics, and Human Development in one semester and ran the board with A's in each.

My only tips are:

1) Get the books as soon as possible and start reading the chapter intros and summaries

2) Study multiple times every day, including mental reviews before getting out of bed in the morning and as you're falling asleep at night.

3) Flash cards are your friends... make your own.

4) Get ancillary materials to support the book and lecture

I also took 2 psych classes (child dev & adult dev) and got A's in those as well.

I think it depends on how serious you are and how much other, non flexible, stuff you have going on outside school. It helps to know HOW you study/learn best.

FWIW, I have 2 kids (3&7) and a husband who were all very flexible and forgiving when I needed to study & maybe didn't have dinner ready ;).

Thanks for responding! It's been reassuring to hear that many people have succeeded at taking these classes together! I commend you for your hard work!

Thanks for the tips! Just wondering, did you have to work while taking these classes? I have a part-time job where I only have to work about ten hours a week.

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