Has anyone taken Microbiology (BIOL 2460) online at UTA?

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I'm almost done with the AP RN-to-BSN program at UTA. I have two classes left - microbiology and then capstone.

I've tried emailing my academic advisor but he does not have any answers and states to contact the professor. I've tried emailing the professor for micro and she won't respond which seems consistent with the reviews of the professor I've read online.

I have two questions about the class that those who have taken may be able to answer:

1. The book - is the access card required for the class? The UTA bookstore sells the book with the access card for $150, but I can buy just the book for much less elsewhere used. I'm not really sure if the access card is just for online resources I'll never use or if the assignments are somehow integrated with it, making it mandatory.

2. Can you work ahead or are the tests/assignments locked to certain dates? I just finished A&P 2 at UTA and I was able to work ahead and finished the 8-week class in 2 weeks since the assignments weren't locked and I had the time to slam through it.

Thanks to anyone who has input on this. Depending on how the course is set up, I may be able to concurently take capstone and finish early.


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I never used the online resources that came with the text book. And no, I don't believe there was the ability to work ahead. There were weekly quizzes or labs. I found micro to be less work than A&P II.


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Its a lot of reading her powerpoints are between 60 to 90 pages long plus the reading for class. Be prepared to spend a whole day on reading the powerpoint and taking notes.


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Its a lot of reading her powerpoints are between 60 to 90 pages long plus the reading for class. Be prepared to spend a whole day on reading the powerpoint and taking notes.

Thanks for the heads up. Can you confirm what malorymug said, that is

1. The access card is not required to do tests/assignments. Therefore I can buy a used book with no problem.

2. You cannot work ahead. Assignments are locked to certain dates.



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How did the micro go? I have 3.0 lecture class that I took for my ASN but didn't require the lab. Emailed my advisor asking if I can just take the lab at my local college. Will be cheaper. Waiting for a response


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Wanted to bump this and also ask, How is the lab portion conducted? I start this class in a week or so. Only bought the access code for the book. Theres nothing on blackboard. Does she use blackboard for everything? This is my first class thru the uta site. I'm familiar with the blackboard that dcccd uses.


Ps. Also taking intro to nursing, starting also in about a week.


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I had to buy a lab CD. labs were conducted by looking a slides from the cd and answer questions about them? Questions about gram positive and negative, what kind of stain was used, or what shape is the bacteria in the picture.


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Ugh, definitely did not like this class. The labs are pretty easy, I believe she gives you the link to buy it at labpaq.com. It's $100, which is kind of a rip off, but its the easiest part of this class and a great way to boost your grade.


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Oh also, you do not need the access card, but I thought you could work ahead if you wanted to....Not entirely sure, as I never did. The one test that you could not do early was the final exam, but the other tests and quizzes were posted from the beginning. The amount of work each week was enormous that I simply couldn't work too much ahead even if I tried. I just took this course this past spring, so it was pretty recent.

Does UTA BSN program accept medical Microbiology instead of the normal one. 2460 is the normal one(2420) and 2444 is the medical one(2421)

does anyone know any good online medical terminology? 

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