Has anyone taken Human Anatomy & Physiology at Shelton State?


I plan on taking the class this summer. Any advice would be helpful. It has been several years since I have attended school. I know the summer class will move at a faster pace. I plan to purchase the book so that I can start studying now in hopes to make the process little smoother. What teacher did you have? Your input is greatly appreciated.


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I took it back in the fall of 2000, haha, long time ago. I made SO much better there than at UA. I cannot remember the guy's name..I'm sorry. Wish I could be more help. The only thing that I remember about that class (can't remember if it was I or II, but it was the one's on the bones and muscles) is that in lab, the instructor gathered everyone around and showed us what he wanted us to know for the lab test. Then you had time to go over it yourself. No disecting, not really much detail, just very simple. I do remember that the lab tests were timed, but you could go back and look at them more than once. Also with the bones, you had to identify the bone just lying there---not attached to a skeleton, so that can be tricky. I hope that helps a little...good luck.!!


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I had Ms. Cole for A & P I and Mr. Aaron for A & P II. They were both great instructors. I'm not sure who the other instructors are for these classes.


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I can't remember who my A&P I instructor was but for A&P II I had Dr. Biedler & she was GREAT!! I learned so much in her class & she is a fair & honest teacher. HTH

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