Has anyone taken the CPNE with just the aid of Rob's DVDs?


I am reading the posts re: the CPNE, and have am wondering if anyone only used Robs DVDs to prepare? I would love to attend a workshop but as money is tight, I don't believe it will be possible. So, I want to be as prepared as possible, and after reading over everyone's review of Robs DVDs, I hope it will help solidify alot.



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Right here.

I do not believe in workshops and feel that they are only a huge waste of money.

Rob breaks everything down for you in very simple format.

I used his DVD's only and the CPNE study guide and passed with no repeats on the first try.


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I am relieved to read that :yelclap: so relieved.... thank you!


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I really like Rob's DVDs, I watched them a whole lot for the first month of studying and they helped me figure out what I was supposed to do. He makes it look so easy.

I would just say though to make sure everything corresponds with the current study guide, his material is from one of the older versions, and a few things are different. Other than that, I love his material! :-)


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Can someone post a link to Rob's CD? Did you guys do the bundle pack or just CD?


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