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Has anyone heard of College-Net for LPN-RN Bridge program


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Im an LPN looking at my states colleges and universities and it seems like the competitiveness still exists for LPN-RN programs and Im finding it very difficult to find a program that does not have a waiting list. So I was looking on line and found this school, It says they are accredited by the NLNAC National league for Nursing Accrediting Comission and with my states BON. Im getting desperate now to get the show on the road to RN. I just dont want an employer to not hire because I did not go to a traditional school. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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I believe this is an advertisement for The College Network or something very similar. Do a search on the distance learning forum here and read up on the many threads or posts about The College Network. If you want information on the Excelsior College nursing program go to the horse's mouth: http://www.excelsior.edu. You are not required to use any of the publishing companies to get a degree from EC and would be wasting a lot of money if you sign a contract with one of them.

I just went to their link. Yes, this is The College Network. Stay away from them unless you want to waste about $6000. Go to the link I provided, http://www.excelsior.edu, and read up on the program. You do not need The College Network. If you want to try any of their overpriced study guides, you can find them used on ebay for $15 to $30 apiece.

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Specializes in Allergy and Immunology. Has 3 years experience.

Ok thanks, thats what I figured. just wanted to check