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Has anyone heard of or attended the College of Nursing Technology in Reseda?


I am thinking of attending the College of Nursing Technology in Reseda, CA because they offer evening and weekend classes and I need to work while going to school. I would like to hear from others who have attended or know people who have attended to find out their opinion of the school. Does it have a good reputation? Does it allow a graduate to transfer to a RN bridge program?

The cost is reasonable for a private school. It is about $17,000 for the 14 month program. They offer classes TWTH nights and clinical on Saturday. Is anyone aware of another or perhaps a better school that has evening/weekend coursework. I am only interested in Board certified schools. It is important that I receive a good education because I plan to obtain a BSN and Masters eventually. I am a 4.0 student and don't want to go to a lackadaisical school but I can't afford 25,000!

Thanks so much all!

If you plan on getting a BSN, then you should be looking into the local community college programs. Proprietary schools such as this one will not provide you with credits that will transfer to a public school. Look at LAVC, Pierce, Mt. St. Mary's, etc. for programs that will transfer to four year institutions. You will also find the community college programs to be more economically priced.

I have obtained 60 units at community colleges including all the prerequisite courses I need to take before applying to an AA in Registered nursing. I have also taken the majority of the coursework I need to transfer to a 4 year degree like History, Critical Thinking, Humanities etc. However, I have been in school for 2 years without starting into the RN degree. I have applied to six community colleges, but they are all daytime programs, and I don't know if I "afford" to not work or work less than 30 hours while going to college for two years. If I graduate as an LVN in 14 months, then I could be making more money while finishing the remainder of my education. At this time, I work mundane jobs that pay $15 per hour and I have to support myself in LA! I have no family here to live with for free. I am looking to increase my earning potential fast, so that I can work while finishing my BSN. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone know if the transition from LVN to RN is smooth? I don't want to work a year as an LVN before being able to start into an RN program. Do you know if schools require that? I have my general ed stuff that I would need to get started into a bridge program.

If you are looking to support yourself as an LVN, you may not be very successful. There are threads and posts of new grad LVNs in the greater LA area who can not find a job. No job that pays $15 an hour should be considered to be mundane. While $15/hr is low for LVNs, there are employers that will try to pay that amount to an LVN, provided they have a job to offer at all.

Hello there,

I am a current student at College of Nursing and Tech, so I can perhaps offer you a bit of insight into the way the school functions. I also am a very good student, and am wanting to get my RN asap and my BSN as well. Also, I make about $15 an hour, and work 30 hours so that I can afford to study and go to school, as well as concurrently taking my RN prereqs at Pierce.

A few things. An LVN license will not be 'that' much of a pay increase. If you work at a hospital, 18-19/hour, if you do something like long term care, maybe 22/hour. This is just what I've heard from my clinical instructors and others that we've been working with. Which can make quite a difference, I understand, but its nowhere near the RN amount.

Its a long, LONG wait to get into the actual program at Pierce or other Community Colleges around LA, either the full RN program or a bridge program. It would most likely be faster to get your LVN first, and then find a bridge program. As far as transferring credits goes, you don't earn credits for this school, its more of a "trade college." You do, however, earn your license, which will knock off the first year of RN school, but you will still need all of those pre-reqs to get in to RN school, like Anatomy, Chemistry, Micro, etc. So you will still have to get those out of the way somehow.

Now for the actual school. There's been a lot of changes since I've started going here, so I'm not sure how things will end up, but with any school they do want to better themselves. The last batch of students I don't think anyone passed the EXIT exam the first try, so weren't even ALLOWED to take the NCLEX. That said, they brought in new teachers and a new director, and it seems they are more focused on getting us into being nurses. Of course, when I found out the low passing rate, I was already knee deep 2 months into the program, and saw all the changes they were making, so learned to live with it. I would swing by and get a feel for the school, its not in the nicest area to begin with, but again, we are in the Valley, after all. ;)

If I could find another school for the same amount, with a higher passing rate, I would have gone. But for the price, it really can't be beat. But if you can find another school I would suggest it, only because it seems this one has had more then its share of drama. Good luck, its a tough one out there.

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The southern California job market has been extremely brutal to new LVNs lately. Please click on the blue link below to read the responses. Many newly graduated LVNs have been looking for work for 6 months to 1 year without any luck, but their student loan payments are still due to be repaid. The ones who are finding jobs are averaging about $18 to $19 per hour. Good luck to you.


Hi I'm thinking about going to college of nurse and tech because I just left a really bad nursing school and I need help in deciding what to do is there nice people there that respect their students and want them to learn to become good nurses? PLEASE HELP!

Honest? No, there are not nice people there. Not where it counts, anyway, the office gals and director of the school are great, but anything they do to HELP the students can be vetoed by the owner.

The owner of the school is extremely money-hungry, and instills crazy rules at any given moment. Such as, "Pay your tuition NOW or you can't continue being here." Or making sure to charge every nickel and dime to the students that he can. He's concerned with money and ratings on the BON website, and keeps changing the structure of the classes and school. Also, they DO NOT CARE if you are scheduled for "one week off" spring break. At any given time the school feels they can call you in on your day off (even if you have plane tickets out of town and its semester break for 1 week) to schedule a special clinical day or something. They don't care about their students as people.

If not for the owner of the school, then CON would be great. He involves himself too much and doesn't want to make nurses... He refuses to tell any of the students which exit exam they are taking (either the HESI or ATI) because he's so paranoid that people will cheat.

He extends the program WAAAAYYYY past the end date. Their website is still promoting 14 months, HA!! 18 months (and I graduated "on time" and passed everything in the first round) for me. And the owner claims he's giving everyone "extra time to study" so their scores look better for the school. I don't know what other classmates were doing for the first 14 months, but I WAS STUDYING!!

Nursing schools are tough no matter what. I just wouldn't recommend this particular one to anyone.

Oh okay well thanks so much for the advice I left California career college it was the biggest mistake of my life going there the head director is the meanest person I've ever met in my life she's money hungry and if were absent 3 days we have to pay $200 and she say we have a final in a week doesn't give us time to study or the right material and the instructors ? They're short in instructors that they even hire they're own graduates. Most of them didn't know what to do in clinicals. It was so bad. That's why I need to look for a really good school. But thanks so much :)

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