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Has anyone gone to Bucks County Community College for LPN?

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They have a class starting in July 2015, and I wanted to attend. I take the entrance exam March 7th. I'm really excited. Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me their experience with the program. Thanx ☺


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Hi... search in Pennsylvania Nursing for info on this program; has good track record with high NCLEX pass rates.

Hi! I myself am looking into that program, if I do not get into their RN program next fall. If you take the PreNLN RN test at Bucks it is good for both programs the RN and LPN. It is a 11 month program full time M-F and if you have or are currently taking pre-reqs you can't apply them to the program which is the only down fall. Good luck!

I'm also in the process of attending their program! I like the fact that it's a small school and the campus is beautiful to me. The last thing left for me to do is the interview process which I have April 30th... And then after I get a decision I'll begin the financial aid process!

I am a current LPN graduate of Bucks County Community College. I started july of 2016 and graduated july of 2017. I did excel in their program and passed my boards on the first try this past august of 2017 and now have my certification. It is a 1 year intense program. I would reccomend working part-time or less than that if you are able to. The program is obtainable if you put the effort and time into studying. I believe the total cost was around $15,000. All of it was through loans. If you live locally, I would recommend this program.

Hello , was the program eligible for financial Aid or was it that you just were not able to receive the Aid ? Since you said you had to pay the program with loans . How was the entrance exam ?

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My mom went through their program years ago when she was in her 40s. She was never a great student when she was younger, but she passed the course and passed the exam on her first try. Quite a few people dropped out throughout the program due to the intensity. The school does have a great reputation in the area. Best of luck!