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Has anyone attended Paris Junior College's nursing program?

I was wanting to know if anyone here has ever attended PJC's nursing program other than me?


TheCommuter specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

While I've never attended classes at PJC, my friend and I are LVNs who are really attempting to get admitted to their LVN-to-RN bridge nursing program.

I was wanting to know if anyone here has ever attended PJC's nursing program other than me?



I was wondering was Paris Junior College very competitive to get accepted in, and also are you satisfied with the school teaching you everything that you need to know as an LVN?


Hi, sorry it took me sooo long to reply. But yes, the program is difficult to get into. And we usually pass the boards. I believe that in my particular class, everyone passed the nclex-pn except 2. I have been accepted into the RN program twice and I dropped. The first time I dropped was because I was burnout. The second time, I was not willing to put in a 100 % study mode because my son was a senior basketball player getting ready for college. I didn't want to miss supporting him at anything during his last year of high school.:) Now he attends a university in Arkansas, and I lack 5 more classes at PJC before I recieve my associates of science degree. I'm an LVN working on my business administration degree. Yes, the RN program was going to be overwhelming for me. But as I see it, if that's what the LORD wants me to have, I'll eventually get it.:) But this business degree that I'm working on, I can eventually work in hospital administration after I end up finishing at my local university. Rolonda

Hi roro13us,

Thank you for replying. I know that Paris uses a point system to determine who gets in, so how do you go about calculating your scores exactly.

Thank you for your time.

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