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Has anyone applied to the Baylor GN Internship Program?


Hi! I recently had 2 interviews at Baylor Medical Center Dallas in the Trauma ICU & the Transplant/Surgical ICU. They both went really well and I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about these areas?

Has anyone else interviewed yet??



hey! what area are you applying for. I had my phone interview with a recruiter named Courtney North (she is the critical care recruiter). She told me a "game plan" for the areas that she would like to try to place me based on my interests too. I met with both supervisors last Friday night. The transplant interview was really relaxed and he basically told me about the unit and asked me about myself, gave me a tour, and let me talk to the nurses. All were very nice! The trauma interview was later that night and I met with the night supervisor. She asked me about 15 behavior based questions...I would definitely prepare for these. Know examples of how you've handled conflict in the workplace, how you are a team player, why you want that area, what sets you apart, how you solved a problem in the workplace, clinical, etc. Also she asked me one random drug question...she gave me a scenario and asked me what order I would do things in. So, I'm not sure where you are planning on interviewing, but just be yourself, let them know you are very interested, bring your resume, and know your stuff! Good luck with everything! :)

One more thing! Plan to answer several behavior based questions for the recruiters too! That was the basis of that interview...just to let you know!

Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

Also, if you know ANYONE at Baylor who could be a reference or possibly call the nurse manager for the area you are interested and recommend you I would do that asap.

Hey Primagirl24,

Thanks so much for the response. I really want a spot in Trauma, I've been speaking to one recruiter, and have already had the phone interview. I got so nervous when I was asked the behavior-based questions, I thought I did awful. I have a another phone interview with the manager of trauma/general surgery tomorrow and I am so nervous. I live in Boston right now, so I'm fortunate that they scheduled a phone interview. How long were your responses to the questions? I feel like mine were overly detailed during the screening interview . . .


Oh, and I don't think we are trying for the same trauma position . . . I want to get into general surgery/trauma at Dallas, I don't think it's critical care from what the recruiter has told me about it.

How did your interview go? Did you figure out which area it was? Do you know what floor?

It went well I think (knock on wood). The phone interview was for a trauma/general surgery floor, where I would love to work. I have an in person interview next week for a neuro unit and I can't wait to check out both floors. Hopefully I get one of those two positions . . . holding my breath.

The initial phone screening was much more difficult than the actual interview. Thanks so much for your advice on the interviews. Have you heard back from them yet??

Yes, I accepted an offer in Trauma ICU on 4 North this morning! Good luck with everything!

Woohooo! Congrats Amy!

I'm wicked excited for you, hopefully I'll get an offer next weekend :) Cross your fingers for me!