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Has anyone acted as an "expert witness"?

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by klone klone, MSN, RN (Member) Member Nurse

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How were you vetted to determine your expertise? Did they pay you?

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Hoozdo has 15 years experience as a ADN and specializes in ICU, Research, Corrections.

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I have never been an expert witness but I have been on a jury that has seen probably about 15 of them - almost all in the medical field.

Last year I was on a jury for 7 months for a murder one case - the victim was a child.  The case is adjudicated now. 

Expert witnesses are paid handsomely. They have to admit while testifying how much they are making for all work done on the case. They also have to testify how they are qualified to be an expert witness.   

Expert witnesses do this as a career. They don't do it part time.


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