Has allnurses.com received any awards?


You have made this website into one top notch nursing website, Brian. Thank you for everything. I do have a question though, "Have you ever received any awards for this website? If so, May we see the awards? I think it would be a very nice addition.

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Hi Fran,

Thanks for the compliment's they are flattering. To my knowledge, we have never received an official award so to say, but we have been recommended in several magazine articles, several books on nursing, I hear all the time that nursing instructors send their students here to participate in projects and interact with nurses online, nursing schools, and college librarians adding links to allnurses.com from their recommended nursing links etc, hearing nurses tell me that they tell their colleagues all the time about allnurses.com, word of mouth etc.....

In my eyes, all of the above are much better than receiving an award. ahem...not that we wouldn't mind an award :p

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