what is harder general surgical or IMCU?


Hi so I currently got an offer for IMCU, but I'm pregnant and I wanted to know if it would be as demanding on my body as it is in general surgical? I am an active person so I can handle running around I guess I just want an idea

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I am guessing the IMCU is an intermediate/stepdown unit? I have done some work in both types of units.

I find them about equal. What makes the difference comes down to things like the shift you work and if you get enough sleep. The layout of the unit matters. I used to wear out nursing shoes quickly in large units with a long walk to the supply room, a long walk down the hall to the med room etc. A unit with good teamwork for moving and lifting helps too.

Enough chairs to go around is a gift.

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Which shift have you been offered? I've worked general surgical. Its a very challenging fast paced environment. Definitely one of the higher acuity med surg units. You will have med surg ratios. (Find out about those). IMCU is stepdown. Should be higher acuity patients with lower ratios. Most if not all on tele. May have more completes/nursing home patients. Why don't you shadow on each unit to get a feel for the environment. Personally I would take days over nights no matter the situation. But that's just me.