is it hard to get into TSU nursing program?

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Because i moved from CA to TN. my husband has to transfer nursing here in Middle TN. we are looking into TSU and Belmont. But i think Belmont is expensive. Is it? how much is it?

Anyway, is it hard to get into TSU nursing program?

Please Please give me some info about TSU and other Middle TN schools of nursing.

thank u!!!!!!


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there are actually several nursing progams in middle TN. You can check out Middle Tennessee State University which is in Murfreesboro. They have an accelerated program there as well. There is Columbia State, Volunteer State, and Vanderbilt (VERY nice school). I know I'm leaving out more than a few, but you should check out It was VERY helpful to me. That's where I found the school/ nursing program that I was recently accepted into. Good luck to ya! I hope this info helps ya out in some way:):up:


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It depends on what degree you are looking for. I was accepted into TSU thru Vol State in Gallatin, Columbia State at the Franklin campus, and Western Kentucky for the fall for the ADN program. I chose Columbia State. TSU has a BSN and ADN. Your community colleges are going to have ADN only. Belmont is around $10000 a semester, and so is Cumberland University in Lebanon (these are BSN programs). Aquinas is a ADN program but it is a private catholic college so the price is steep. I chose Columbia State not only because of their exceptional reputation, but because the price is outstanding. It is approximately $120 per credit hour. Their website shows that with all the classes for the program, books and other fees for the two years, your looking at $6700.

I do not know how hard it is to get into TSU's BSN program, but I do know that the main campus for the ADN program is less competitive. If you try to get into the program from the community colleges that offer TSU's ADN program, the competition is extremely high. They only pretty much look at GPA and NET. If someone takes only one class and makes an A, they then have a 4.0 and are in. Stinks how they do that. TSU is also very disorganized and rude. I have had several friends that have had alot of problems with them.

Western Kentucky has a ADN and BSN program, but they are in Bowling Green, KY. So depending on how far away you live, it can be a long drive. They do offer a in-state tuition, but it would still be around $400 per credit hour. That price for a ADN was just too much for me, especially since you are going to be getting the same degree for less money at a community college.

Columbia State just looks at your grade in A&P I and your ACT score. And if you are going to ask which several people have asked me already, yes you can take the ACT even if you have been out of high school for years. I took mine last September and scored a 23. I also had an A in A&P I. I think that if you have an A in A&P I and a 22 or higher on the ACT you can get in. I also know someone how had a B in A&P I with a 26 on ACT and got in.

Anyway, I hope I have given you some good info. If you have anymore questions, just email me or post again. Good luck!!


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If money is an issue you can try to go to UTM. It is in the NW corner of Tennessee (may be too far from you). I'm currently a senior nursing student there and it's pretty cheap at about $2500 a semester and it is a BSN program.

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TSU's ADN program is a complete joke. The prior dean of the school of nursing was rude, old, and racist.

I just graduated from TSU's ADN program, and they JUST sent off our transcripts for everyone last wednesday. I will most likely have to drop from the RN-BSN program because chances are I wont have a date for the NCLEX before August.

Please stay away from the ADN program. There is a new dean of nursing this year, however, the prior dean is now dean of students, so you will still be dealing with her. Like a previous poster said, they are rude, unprofessional, lying, manipulative, and just plain NOT worth your time.

Please, please stay away from TSU's nursing program. The ADN at least. I heard the BSN is a little better.

There are plenty of other better programs in the area.


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I was accepted into the BSN program for the Fall 2009. I'm not sure about the ADN program, but the BSN program requires atleast a 2.8 GPA. You probably won't get in with less than a 3.0, and atleast a 70 on the NET exam (atleast 50 for the ADN). The pre-requisits for the BSN program are...

Anantomy 1&2, Microbiology, Pathophysiology

English 1&2, Literature

History 1&2

Psychology, and Developmental Psychology


College Algebra


Public Speaking


Art or Music

I got in with a 3.4 and 90 on the NET. My friend is in the ADN for Fall 2009 and had a 3.4 and a 64 on the NET.


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I would not recommend TSU for anyone. My boyfriend's mother and father both work there in the payroll dept. and its basically a party school. I was going to go there for pre-nursing but i changed my mind. I am not able to focus at a school with that much distractions! the school is also a fashion statement.


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oh and Cumberland University in Lebanon, about 25 miles from nashville is what i would recommend! not sure about the price but i am leaning towards that school to finish up my nursing.


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I have to say I graduated from TSU's ADN program. I had a 3.9 GPA when I was accepted. Every nursing program has its issues. I am a firm believer in you get out what you put in. I feel very competent and feel like I learned a great deal that I use daily. I still talk to some of my instructors. They made a positive impact on my life and career. I graduated May 2008. I am now at Austin Peay State University doing the online BSN program. Hope this helps. Dont be discouraged. Everyone has an opinion and I wanted you to see the good side of TSU's nursing program.

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TSUs program has gone down the drain quick. From 07-09, we had an interim dean of nursing, which basically tells you they cant keep the one in position long enough to keep them.

please stay away from this program. the instructors will tell you everything you want to hear to make you stay off their back, but when it comes down to it, they will whip out policies and handguides that they themselves constantly ignore and dont follow....but somehow YOU'RE expected to follow them, while all along they tell you differently.

its a load of crap. right now im fighting to get my money back and my F off my transcript from the RN-BSN online program. i couldnt contact the instructor midway through the second five weeks, and she never did respond to me and a couple of other students STILL after a week and a half. and now they said they wont refund my money for the first five weeks or take the F off my transcript. but, however, they were "generous" enough to let me fulfil the requirements for the class..... for a class that wont trasnsfer or help me anywhere else i go. yeah right.

stay away from this god forsaken program.


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I graduated in May 2009 from TSU's LPN-RN program. I have to agree with jollydogg somewhat. My experience wasn't near as bad, but TSU is so DISORGANIZED! If you end up going there, just be sure that whatever paperwork you have to submit to them, that you make copies in triplicate. Because, I can guarantee you, they will lose the first copy you give them. Instructors weren't too bad. Their hearts were in the right places. The administration, however, is a joke! I could have laughed out loud at graduation when one of the main campus faculty was speaking to us as "new alumni" and stressed how we should strive to make "financial contributions" to the alumni fund for TSU. HA! As if!

Anyway.. My time there is done and if I decide to go for the BSN.. I'll be going to MTSU.

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