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Happy Thanksgiving!

Has 9 years experience.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow nurses!

I posted here first because this is the area I most frequent due to my specialty being Long Term Care. I give thanks to each of you who have provided me with wonderful knowledge and skill from your stories and questions throughout the time I have been a member here. I give thanks to the simple things cause its what makes my life great! Whether you spend your holiday across the street or across the country, be safe this holiday season! For those of us spending our holiday at work, make the best of it cause I know I will. :nurse:

Tammie, LPN


Specializes in LTC, ER, ICU, Psych, Med-surg...etc.... Has 31 years experience.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

ohmeowzer RN, RN

Specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

happy thanksgiving tammy and all my friends at allnurses !!

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