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Hands tremors

Hello there my fellow nurses!!

I have this kid in today, a grade 4, who was having hands tremors. 1st time. No history of trauma or epilepsy. Checked eyes - PEARL. No confusion or nausea. Pulse good and strong.No numbness. Her hands tremors reduced after I asked her to do some hands exercises.

I thought that it may be anxiety. She said she is a bit anxious about her swimming test today.

Can that really be the issue?

Flare, ASN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing, ortho, trauma.

it could be anxiety. Is she on any meds? That could also be a cause.


Specializes in school RN, CNA Instructor, M/S.

It could be stress related. I have seen kids getting ready for big exams get themselves pretty worked up and get fidgety and have foot shaking and other repetitive behaviors. I would monitor her for a while and maybe some stress leaving skills teaching might be in order. if she gets this upset at this yonng age, she is in for a rough time in her teens! Maybe like us she just needs a vacation! (2 days til Spring break!)

Thanks guys!! I guessed its anxiety due to her swimming test. And yeay!! we are having 2 weeks of Easter holidays..last day today!!


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