handling all the drama...


95% of the class are females, and first semester is just about to finish in one week but i went to a nice, gentle, and patience male to this aggravated, short tempered male. I never thought i would snap and cuss out a couple of students. For students that are in there 25-35 to act immature makes me want to strangle them -_- the estrogen build up seems like too much

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I suggest you take a good look at yourself if nursing school drama is "changing" you so dramatically. It is important to note that people who are truly mature blow off drama like that and carry on without reacting to it, even if it is irritating.

You need to get ahold of your emotions before you find yourself becoming an "aggravated, short-tempered" nurse with (the wrong person in your career, be it a patient/coworker/manager etc, gender notwithstanding as drama is an equal opportunity aggravator).

If you think it gets easier once you're out of school and advancing in your career, you're quite mistaken.

Unfortunately you cannot change other people. This is truly a learning experience! It's preparing you for the variety of different attitudes and personalities you will encounter as a nurse. You just have to 'go with the flow.' It can be hard, but don't forget who YOU are!

Good luck to you!

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I may only be a CNA lurking in this section...but, I can tell you that since nursing is predominately female you will see this sort of "behavior" in all areas of where ever you choose to work. It's just the way it is when a bunch of women work together, be it nursing or otherwise.

As a woman, I have seen this in EVERY SINGLE job I've worked.

It has nothing to do with age.

Best way to cope with it is to choose not to participate in it or even acknowledge it. It is what it is and it will never go away.

You will make yourself miserable if you can't just accept it as it is ( a bunch of women), no matter how annoying.

Shake it off and continue on.